Cuban Salsa Classes in Reading

Have fun, make friends & join salsa classes!

Afrodesia Salsa offers Cuban salsa classes in Reading (Berkshire) for complete beginners to more advanced dancers.
Classes are held in a vibrant and friendly environment where people come together to experience (or discover!) their passion for salsa music and dance.

Have fun

It’s a great way to wind down and have fun!

Meet new people

You will meet new people and make friends

Stay active

It’s a fantastic way to work out and stay healthy!

Friendly feedback

You will receive personal feedback throughout the course to help you improve your dancing

Different levels

Whether you are new to Cuban Salsa or have been dancing for a while, you will learn at a pace that suits you

No partner needed

Everyone gets paired up nicely and there are regular changes of partner throughout the class

You will learn a style of dance which is fantastic for the mind, great for your body, and will uplift your soul!


4th of January 2024

Our salsa classes in Reading

We offer quarterly salsa courses for Beginners and more experience dancers.

Salsa dance class in Reading

Fall in love with Cuban Salsa!


Salsa classes in Reading

Already addicted to Cuban Salsa?


Which level is for me?

Choosing the right level is very important. Being in a class where you are not challenged enough won’t help you to move forward, but being in a class where the level is too high can discourage and stress you. If you have previous experience dancing Cuban salsa, please contact us so we can help you to choose the right level for you.

Enjoy your dancing journey

Becoming a great dancer doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and practise! Trying to rush through the levels or attending a class above your ability won’t make you a better dancer.

Like in life, the magic is in the journey.
Embrace it, have fun and enjoy every step along the way!

What our students say about our classes

Based on 61 reviews
Neha Nakhare
Neha Nakhare
A fun class structure which is also very detailed. Great way to learn a new skill. Enjoyable class, would recommend!
Florina Dance
Florina Dance
Nov2023 - 2 great years of learning salsa and I only regret not starting sooner. My love for it is all down to Esther and Jerry who have created a great environment, with beautifully structured classes, great learning techniques, whilst having a lot of fun. I went for dancing and got so much more, I’ve made beautiful friendships, took me out of my comfort zone, helps me escape my 9 to 5, and made me love Mondays 🙂 Can’t recommend Afrodesia Salsa enough, and the feeling you get when you take what you’ve learned on the dance floor 🙂 Thank you ❤️💃🏻💃🏻 *** Mar2022 - Nearly at the end of the 8 weeks beginners class with Afrodesia, and Thursdays don’t come quick enough since starting it. I was a bit nervous going on my own, but made friends from the first class, everyone is very supportive and welcoming. Esther and Jerry’s passion is contagious, I never want the class to end. Lots of tips, advice, individual feedback to help improve every week, and of course, lots of fun 🙂 Looking forward to the next ‘step’! 😜 Thank you both!
Amy Robbins
Amy Robbins
I've been attending classes for about 6 months, I love Jerry and Esther's teaching style and everyone is so friendly! Would absolutely recommend! 🙂
Saeed Khodabakhshi
Saeed Khodabakhshi
Amazing trainers, Loved it so much, Highly recommended
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston
Have been learning Cuban Salsa for a couple of years with Afrodesia Salsa. Always a fun and friendly atmosphere in the class, Jerry and Esther are great. Active social scene to get out dancing too - chance to use all the moves and routines we learn in the real world. Highly recommend.
Irina Malenga
Irina Malenga
Cuban salsa. Although previoiusly a virgin to cuban salsa, I cannot recommend Jerry & Esther enough for their ability to teach both the fundamentals and advanced steps. They break things down really well for dancers to learn and understand moves. The atmosphere in the class is very friendly and relaxed. I have met so many amazing people.
Ellen Wright
Ellen Wright
Really good course, I feel I am learning a lot and having a fun time, thank you 🙂
Victoria Plesca
Victoria Plesca
Afrodesia is more than just dancing, it’s about friendships, laughter and it gives you a sense of community. Little did I know how much enjoyment I’d get out of it when I first joined in 2019. Now, I cannot imagine my week without the Monday classes and Rueda ! It’s the best way to start your week and the best therapy, in any kind of way. My love for Cuban Salsa and the people that I’ve met since joining, has grown immensely (the socials are marathons for me now, no breaks allowed !) and I’m forever grateful to Jerry and Esther for being such great teachers, meticulous about the technique and the routine, but also just amazing, welcoming and down to earth people ❤️
Valentina González Sáez
Valentina González Sáez
I loved the beginners class at Afrodesia Salsa, Esther and Jerry are great teachers and everyone is very welcoming. It is a great way to excercise, meet new people and have fun!
Maximiliano Monge
Maximiliano Monge
I believe the course Esther and Jerry offer in Afrodesia Salsa is very well designed! They only take a small group of people 50% men 50% women and follow a program for each level, whereas if you go anywhere else, unlimited people can show up to the class, every class is different people and there is no program, always copying the teachers, so I highly recommend this course if you're serious about learning salsa. They focus on the technique and teach you how to lead and you have to learn if you want to advance in your journey. It requires effort to pass each level, I managed to get to level 3 after 3 attempts of doing level 2, but it was definitely worth it, plus it's very fun, both Esther and Jerry are fun people and very friendly

More than classes

At Afrodesia Salsa we believe that practise is the only way to reach higher, and what a better way than to do it in good company! We host different events during the year so you can keep learning and growing your dance skills as well as having a great time!

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