Cuban Salsa Classes in Reading

Have fun, make friends & join salsa classes!

Afrodesia Salsa offers Cuban salsa classes in Reading (Berkshire) for complete beginners to more advanced dancers.
Classes are held in a vibrant and friendly environment where people come together to experience (or discover!) their passion for salsa music and dance.

Have fun

It’s a great way to wind down and have fun!

Meet new people

You will meet new people and make friends

Stay active

It’s a fantastic way to work out and stay healthy!

Friendly feedback

You will receive personal feedback throughout the course to help you improve your dancing

Different levels

Whether you are new to Cuban Salsa or have been dancing for a while, you will learn at a pace that suits you

No partner needed

Everyone gets paired up nicely and there are regular changes of partner throughout the class

You will learn a style of dance which is fantastic for the mind, great for your body, and will uplift your soul!


Starting in September 2024

Our salsa classes in Reading

We offer quarterly salsa courses for Beginners and more experience dancers.

Salsa dance class in Reading

Fall in love with Cuban Salsa!


Salsa classes in Reading

Already addicted to Cuban Salsa?


Which level is for me?

Choosing the right level is very important. Being in a class where you are not challenged enough won’t help you to move forward, but being in a class where the level is too high can discourage and stress you. If you have previous experience dancing Cuban salsa, please contact us so we can help you to choose the right level for you.

Enjoy your dancing journey

Becoming a great dancer doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and practise! Trying to rush through the levels or attending a class above your ability won’t make you a better dancer.

Like in life, the magic is in the journey.
Embrace it, have fun and enjoy every step along the way!

What our students say about our classes

Based on 81 reviews
David McShane
David McShane
"Jerry & Esther are excellent! Their patient, focused and fun teaching makes every class enjoyable. Great for introductory or more advanced salsa, and very good at keeping equal numbers of ladies and gentlemen (as far as possible) too. I’ve had a lovely experience learning with them!" I wrote those words four years ago and they are just as true today! Now that I am in a position to devote time to Cuban Salsa again, it was an easy decision to come back to Jerry and Esther's class! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to find their inner dancer!
Whether you’re new to Cuban salsa or an experienced dancer, Jerry and Esther will make you feel more than welcome. The classes are well structured, brilliantly delivered; with a clear passion for the dance, the feedback is constructive and always on point but most importantly…they make it fun and enjoyable. 1,2,3…5,6,7
Sophie Edmonds
Sophie Edmonds
Such a feel good class. Amazing teachers and good for all levels. If you are unsure just do it!
Stephen Last
Stephen Last
We just completed the beginners 1 course and really enjoyed it. We learned quite a lot in just 6 weeks on the intensive sunday course and look forward to beginners 2!
Timi Arawore
Timi Arawore
Jerry and Esther are both great teachers and the course, as designed, worked really well for me. We worked together as a group but they always paid enough attention to us individually and gave useful feedback. It was definitely a lot of information to take in all at once but I really enjoyed the Beginners 1 course. Moving on to Beginners 2 in a few weeks and I’m super excited!
Maria White
Maria White
A beginners' course has just ended and it was a lot of fun. Thank you Esther & Jerry. I wish you could do classes and events nearer to me - in Newbury perhaps - you would have lots of eager participants 😊. Regards, Maria.
Jermel joseph
Jermel joseph
Had a lot of fun taking the beginner Cuban Salsa course, you can expect a well structured class and a fun and friendly environment, with welcoming and friendly instructors Jerry and Esther.
Mynk D
Mynk D
So you have some time to spare in the evenings and the prospective of learning to turn like a pro salsa dancer is enticing. You look up dance classes near you, but how do you decide through the options in front of you. This review should hopefully help! I was exactly in the same shoes few months ago. When I saw Afrodesia salsa I wanted to meet the teachers before making my mind up. Jerry & Esther invited me to see them before one of their regular classes on an evening. They were very friendly and approachable in taking me through what to expect and what would be a good class for me to join. It’s been 7 weeks into my beginner’s classes on Thursdays, and we had our first social just this Sunday. I felt quite confident improvising and practicing the dance moves learnt so far and had a lot of fun dancing with other fellow students from all levels. Jerry & Esther invite questions during their sessions, and breakdown every step they teach to the T. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the lessons are delivered at a good pace with plenty of opportunity every week to recap and practice. I’ve been to salsa classes in Scotland before, and when I moved to Reading it felt this was the natural thing to do while trying to make friends too! The students in my batch are quite friendly and are always smiling through their pain even if the steps are a bit too complex to master. In this shared comradery we enjoy our Thursday evenings completely aloof from our daily stress. I would go as far as to say that the classes are quite therapeutic and fun! But above all, in my opinion, the best feature about Afrodesia salsa is that Jerry & Esther are genuinely lovely people, super kind and humble, and patient with their students - characteristics which I feel are not easy to find in dance teachers. I feel what they have created at Afrodesia salsa is a place where anyone, regardless of their age or dance prowess (we literally have students ranging between 20’s and 60’s) can learn and enjoy the art of Cuban salsa.
Paul McWilliams
Paul McWilliams
Jerry and Esther are great dancers and great teachers: patient, kind and good fun. I always enjoy the lessons.
Kamini Manick
Kamini Manick
Jerry and Esther are brilliant teachers! They really know how to get the best from people of all abilities and inspire everyone to love salsa!

More than classes

At Afrodesia Salsa we believe that practise is the only way to reach higher, and what a better way than to do it in good company! We host different events during the year so you can keep learning and growing your dance skills as well as having a great time!

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